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新视野大学英语_新视野大学英语2读写教程教案unit 4 Studying Abroad

Unit 4 Section A Studying Abroad


Teaching Plan

Students will be able to:

1. grasp the main idea of the text (The purposes of going abroad and the various challenges of studying in a different country. )

2. master the key language points and grammatical structures in the text;

3. conduct a serious of reading, listening, speaking and writing activities related to the theme of the unit.

Warm-up exercises:

1. What do you expect your study life would be if you had the opportunity to go abroad?

---- I have made so many new friends and contacts from all over the world. I especially love the social club and learning more about computers.” — Byoung-Chul Ahn, South Korea

---- I could hardly speak English before I spent ten months at Canadian College. Now people ask me if I was born and raised in Canada. It's unbelievable!” — Tai Hung Chen, Taiwan

2. What can we prepare for such an opportunity?

Cultural Notes

U.S. Military Academy: United States Military Academy is a public, coeducational military college at West Point, New York, maintained by the United States Department of the Army to train and educate students to be officers in the United States Army. Women were first allowed into the academy in 1976.

Host family is the family that provides ‘board and room’, food, etc. for overseas visitors or students.

Christians are followers of Jesus with whom they have a personal relationship and whom they accept/receive into their lives as God’s son and the way to heaven. They believe that there is one God. Most Christians are members of one of three major groups -- Roman Catholic, Protestant, or Eastern Orthodox.

Christianity has had an enormous influence on Western civilization, especially on art, business, government, and social relations.

Income tax one of the taxations on individuals and companies. In many countries or regions such as the US and Western Europe income tax is one of the major financial resources of the government. It first appeared in France in 1793.

Health insurance is a system for the advance financing of medical expenses by means of fees or taxes paid into a common fund to pay for all or part of health services specified in an insurance policy or law. Health insurance may apply to a limited or broad range of medical services and may provide for full or partial costs of specific services. Benefits may consist of the right to certain medical services or repaying the insured for specified medical costs and may sometimes include income benefits for working time lost owing to sickness or maternity leave.

New words:

1)1. fluent

(of a person) speaking, writing, etc. in an easy smooth manner


He is fluent in five languages.


2. grant

vt. agree to give or allow (what is asked for)


She granted their request.


The US agreed to grant the new state diplomatic recognition.


n. [C] thing given for a special reason, esp. money from the government


You can get a grant to repair your house.


They gave her a grant to study abroad for one year.



vt. state or name clearly (details, materials, etc.)


It is specified that you may use a dictionary in the examination.


She specified blue for the bedroom windows.



vt. take away (an amount or part)


Tax is deducted from your pay.


My employer deducted a pound from my wages this week.



n. [U, C] deducting


The pay I receive is paid after the deduction of tax.


Deductions of points will be made if competitors do not follow the rules.


3. nourish vt.

a.keep (a person, an animal or a plant) alive and well with food


Most plants are nourished by water drawn up through their roots.


Children need plenty of good fresh food to nourish them.


b. have or increase (a feeling, etc.)


Lisa has long nourished the hope of becoming a famous writer.


The young man nourished a deep attraction for her.


2). Phrases and expressions

1.live through:



My aunt has lived through three wars.


She has lived through some terrible experiences.


2.plan on:

aim for; prepare


We hadn't planned on twins!


We were planning on just having a snack and catching the early train.


3.hit the target:

succeed; manage


You certainly hit the target when you said that he was lazy.


He hit the target when he became president of the class.


4.in the event of:

if sth. happens


In the event of his death, Mary will take the money.


In the event of a strike, the army will take over responsibility for fighting fires.


5.take on

little or not enough of sth. that is needed


The plan had to be cancelled for lack of money.

由于缺乏资金, 那个计划不得不取消。

Her only problem is lack of confidence.


6.lack of

carry; take away

带着 (某人或某物), 带走 (某人或某物)

I took my music along, but no one asked me to sing.

我随身带着乐谱, 可没人邀我唱歌。

Why don't you take your mother along to the concert? I'm sure she would enjoy it.


7.take along

carry; take away

带着 (某人或某物), 带走 (某人或某物)

I took my music along, but no one asked me to sing.

我随身带着乐谱, 可没人邀我唱歌。

Why don't you take your mother along to the concert? I'm sure she would enjoy it.


8.leave behind

go away with (sb. or sth. )remaining behind

留下 (某物或某人)

The wounded had to be left behind when the defeated army left.


9.in turn

one after another


The boys called out their names in turn.


Each of us collects the mail in turn.


Summary of the Text

Summarize the passage using the tips below.

1. leaving for the U.S.A.

2. including a better command of English

3. a better understanding of the American culture

4. be faced with all kinds of difficulties

5. cover various expenses

6. learn to take care of themselves

7. rely on themselves

8. adjusting to the schedule of their new family

Summary of the Text:

Leaving for the U.S.A. is no ordinary flight experience for some foreign students planning to stay there for some time. Their purposes for going abroad vary, including a better command of English, the completion of high school and a better understanding of the American culture. These students may be faced with all kinds of difficulties. Finding a host family is the first challenge. But Gloria is an exception because she has made adequate preparation for that. Another big challenge is to cover various expenses. Students also have to learn to take care of themselves because they will no longer under the protection of their parents Saying good-bye to their parents and friends may be an unusual experience for them because from the moment on they have really to rely on themselves. And they are not sure whether they can adapt themselves to the new culture. Two new problems facing them upon their arrival in America would involve getting used to the local food and getting over their homesickness. Some students find trouble adjusting to the schedule of their new family. Some students who are not fluent in English have to go to private lessons, with the result that their total costs might be increased.

After reading

Further discussion:

1. Work in groups to discuss the following topic.

1) Some parents in China sent their children to foreign countries at a very early age, even when they are still in primary school. What do you think of this phenomenon?

2) Why do you think the Chinese government encourage young people to study abroad?

2. Discuss the following problem with your partner and see if you can reach an agreement with each other on these topics.

If you were offered a job in a joint venture enterprise and at the same time you received a letter from an American university informing you that you were admitted. What decision would you make and why?

Home work:

2.Write to your parents and discuss with them your future plan: finding a job immediately upon graduation; pursuing your graduate study here at home; furthering your education in a foreign country. For each decision list as many reasons as you can.

Section B Experiences in Exile


Students will be able to:

1.grasp the main idea of the text

2. master the key language points and grammatical structures in the text

3.grasp the reading skill ---- Reading for the Key Idea in a Sentence

Reading skill---- Reading for the Key Idea in a sentence

Although a sentence may give a great deal of information, it usually offers one key idea. Readers should learn to find the key idea in order to understand the meaning of a sentence clearly.

The key idea of a sentence usually tells:

a) what a person or an object is

b) what a person or an object is doing

Look at the following examples taken from Reading Passage A:

At the end of each semester, as long as the students pass final exams, American authorities grant a certificate, which is recognized in Brazil. (Para. 3, Reading Passage A, Unit 4)

This sentence tells about American authorities. We know that American authorities grant a certificate. All the information about when and under what conditions they grant a certificate, or how the certificate is viewed in Brazil, adds details. The details are helpful in completing the scene for the reader, and we need to rely on these details to make the key idea clearer. But the key idea, or the main thought, in this sentence is simply “American authorities grant a certificate”.

American families, which host foreign students, are not paid, though they are allowed a small income tax deduction.

(Para. 5, Reading Passage A, Unit 4)

This sentence tells about American families. We know that American families are not paid. All the information about what kind of American families and under what condition they are not paid adds details. The details are helpful in completing the scene for the reader, and we need to rely on these details to make the key idea clearer. But the key idea, or the main thought, in this sentence is simply American families are not paid.

In order to find the key idea of a sentence we have to:

a) ask who or what the sentence is about;

b) ask what the person or object is doing, or what is happening to the person or object;

c) learn to separate details from the key idea.

Many words in a sentence describe things about the subject of the sentence and only add details around it. If we ask when, what kind, where, or why, we will find details. As a result it will be easier for us to see the key idea. Now look at the following example taken from Reading Passage A.

Yet for 38 young passengers between fifteen and eighteen years of age, it is the start of a new experience: they will spend 10 months of their lives studying abroad, far from their families. (Para. 2, Reading Passage A, Unit 4)

The key idea of this sentence is that it is a start of a new experience. The information as to for whom and why it is a start of a new experience simply adds details.

Detailed reading (Language Study)

1.) New words

a. [U] being sent away from one's native country or home, esp. for political reasons or as a punishment


The President went into exile abroad in 1959 because of the political situation in his own country.


After many years of exile thousands of families will now be able to return to their homeland.


b. [C] person who lives away from his own country by choice or because he is forced to


There were many French exiles in England after the war.


The island is full of tax exiles.


c.send sb. into exile

放逐, 充军

She was exiled from her country because of her part in the plot against the government.


The President was exiled for life.


without limits; endless


The universe is potentially infinite.


This is a discovery of infinite importance.



tiring, because of being too long, slow or dull; boring


The work is tedious.


We had to sit through several tedious speeches.


move back because of fear or not liking


She recoiled at the idea of paying $70 for a theater ticket.


She turned round to greet him and then seemed to recoil in horror when she saw the state he was in.


so much longer


We'll have to stay all the longer with the heavy rain.


2. make a fortune

make a large amount of money


He made a considerable fortune selling waste materials.


He made a fortune on games of chance.


3.dress sb. In

put clothes on sb.


The mother dressed the children in green skirts.


The bride dressed herself in white.


4. with a heavy heart



With a heavy heart, she turned to wave goodbye.


5. make sure

find out whether sth. is so


I think the door's locked, but I'd better go and make sure.


Make sure that the film is on tonight.




Discuss the following problem with your partner and see if you can reach an agreement with each other on the topic.

What do you think is the biggest challenge studying in a foreign country?



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